The EXACT Process Chiropractors Use to Increase their New Patient Volume by 30% in as Little as 3 Months

Watch our Masterclass that teaches you how to turn symptom-based initial exams into lifetime wellness patients.

Find out why millions of patients choose INSiGHT Chiros and the three things you need before you implement scanning!
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Chiropractors who use INSiGHT scanning technologies typically increase their new patient volume by 30% in the first three months. 

This masterclass shows you exactly how.
Where most chiropractors struggle
  • Converting from symptom care to wellness care 
  • Reporting relevant neurological objective findings
  • Attracting patients that stay for the long term 
  • Care planning based on actual data and re-exam findings
In the Masterclass, You Will Learn
  •  How to leverage technology so you can maximize your efficiency and have more free time 
  •  How to communicate the importance of a well adjusted spine and nervous system to all ages 
  • How to profit financially using digital technology in your exams and re-exams
  • ​What top chiropractic influencers are doing to maximize referrals and retention using the INSiGHT
It’s time to grow your practice, the fast and proven way, by equipping yourself with the most innovative clinical and reporting tools available to today’s chiropractor

We are a team of chiropractic experts dedicated to creating scanning technologies that measure and communicate the results with certainty. Our INSiGHT technologies offer a thorough analysis of the functioning nervous system, not limited to measuring spinal function alone.

We create precision scanning reports that inform, inspire and track the progress in patients of any age.

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It’s time to grow your practice, the fast and proven way, by equipping yourself with all the Scientific and Clinical Innovation that today’s chiropractic has to offer!